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Five Star Decorating is committed to safeguarding employees and customers from
accidents while helping to maintain a safe working environment. Our personnel, from
supervisors to employees, exercise caution to ensure that the work site and adjacent
areas remain clear of potential hazards. An established job site safety plan remains in
place throughout the duration of each job, making sure all work is performed safely
from the time we arrive on site to the time we leave. Five Star Decorating is dedicated
to the successful and timely completion of your project with a shared goal of keeping
the project accident free.

• Routine audits for each project to ensure all safety is compliant

• Employees conduct daily THA (Task Hazards Awareness)

• Weekly jobsite toolbox talks

• Progressively promote our employees to OSHA Competent Employees (OSHA 30 and CRP Certified)

• Provide free OSHA10 and OSHA30 course for our employees

• Provide free employee CPR Classes